Feelwear 1.0: Beginning

We are extremely happy to introduce our first collection "Feelwear 1.0: Beginning". Crafted from merino it’s made to be the wardrobe staple for urban professionals who value comfort, clean cuts and quality when it comes to their clothing.

Feelwear as an idea started way back in the 2015 but finally saw daylight on one sunny Friday when our first collection had just come from the atelier and we went to a local cosy photo studio to have a photoshoot with our beautiful models Kristi and Mihkel.

It was a test and we didn't even use professional models. Kristi apart of being model works as a yoga teacher in her everyday life. Modelling our men's shirts was a special guest at that time - one of the co-founders of our brand - Mihkel. However, it was a successful test and lead to be the beginning of the Feelwear brand.

Photos: Helena
Stylist: Riin
MUAH: Anna 
Models: Kristi and Mihkel.

On the photos you can also see:

  • Design hangers by WOH,
  • Skirt by LÄHEB,
  • Necklace by Ivo Nikkolo,
  • Flat shoes by Bugatti.