Feelwear in United Kingdom

We are happy to announce that we have shipped our first merino wool T-shirt to United Kingdom (UK).

Feelwear’s co-founder Riin commented: “In May 2017 we entered the USA market. UK is another great country where to be active at. I think same applies here. As more and more people consider more carefully what they consume and value quality materials combined with sleek design, then we believe that we could have an impact. We hope to solve both aspects by combining superior quality fabric with clean, minimalistic design.”

Feelwear follows slow fashion principles and provides an alternative option within a fast fashion society where fine craft and high-quality fabrics are often undervalued. Riin added: “Even though we are offering niche product and manufacture in small quantities (all our shirts are sewed in small sewing studio located in Estonia) then we believe that slow fashion could be also distributed around the world, thanks to online channels.”

Riin also added “From the beginning we thought of us as an international company. That’s why we also opened our first brand homepage also only in English. So naturally we are happy that our online efforts have paid off and more international customers are ordering our ethically produced merino clothing. However, I also see it as only as the beginning of our journey. There are plenty more people who could benefit from our thermoregulative fabric properties and sleek, minimalistic design”

Feelwear brings you the combination of the world’s best natural fabric and minimalist Nordic touch. Our clothes are made of carefully chosen merino wool and merino silk blend. Feelwear clothing range has been created especially for urban professionals who value comfort, clean cuts and quality when it comes to their clothing. All our shirts are ethically produced and have been designed both for office and casual wear.

To find out where else we have shipped read more here. We have also a special campaign for every new country our products are being sold to.

Feelwear team

Welcome, UK!