The Feelwear story – find out more about the brand

Last time ("Get to know the founders behind the brand") we talked about who is who behind the Feelwear brand. This time we will explore the concept a bit further and try to understand more about their story.

Once again we interviewed our co-founders Riin and Mihkel. So let's hear what they have to say.

Why is Feelwear important to you? What is the message you want to convey with it?

Mihkel: “First of all it’s about filling the cap and need for our customers. I believe that by using our products you can improve your wellbeing. So it is not just buying a shirt or a brand but it’s also a lifestyle to follow. Along the way we aim to bring only the best experiences to each of our clients."

Riin: “I think what Mihkel tries to say is that we think of ourselves as a boutique slow fashion company and don’t like to be associated with fast fashion."

Mihkel: “Yes, we provide an alternative option within a fast fashion society where fine craft and high-quality fabrics are often undervalued. There is already too much mass-manufacturing, so we are offering a tailored solution. All our clothes are crafted using the finest merino wool in the world, blending it with luxurious silk while also keeping with the characteristics of minimalistic Nordic design.” 

Riin: “Being ethical on that journey is also important to us. That’s why we are also transparent about where our fabrics come from or where the shirts are sewn. We are also paying fair price for all our partners. We think that sustainable consumption is right way forward." 

Mihkel: “Even though our fabric comes from Australia and New Zealand, all our shirts are designed in Estonia and sewn in an small sewing studio located in Tartu. Supporting local industries is extremely important to us and we have chosen our partners carefully."

Feelwear co-founders Mihkel & Riin

Who is your main customer?

Mihkel: “Our main segment is urban professional – someone who lives and works in the city area, spends most of their time in office environment, enjoys the cultural attractions of sophisticated urban life and also values good design. They are active by nature, value healthy eating and taking care of their body and appreciate modest and simple life.”

Riin: “We could also say that they are a conscious consumer, know what they buy, prefer slow fashion and have previous experience buying online. To make an example of such a person, then they are usually working in technology, finance, law, academia, consulting and medicine. But in reality it’s not so about what you do for living but more about your values and how you see life. Therefore we see also musicians, artists and creative people but also entrepreneurs liking and wearing our clothes. 

Why did you decide to use the merino as your main fabric?

Riin: “After doing some research on different fabrics we understood that merino is the perfect fit for us. We saw that merino wool is often underused or used wrongly only as underwear or layering for outdoor activities. However, it is actually a versatile basic for modern casual outfits and business wardrobe no matter what time of the year. For example, merino wool has unique thermal qualities which keep you warm in winter and cool in summer and that’s why merino is always a good choice for both indoor and outdoor activities. Merino is also the finest and softest wool around and will feel soft against your skin – none of that scratchy feeling usually associated with wool. Adding high breathability, elastic and durability other characteristics of merino wool you will get a premium fabric which can be crafted into magnificent products.”

Mihkel: “From the beginning we wanted to offer premium products. For us, that also equals high-quality fabrics. But we did not finish there, we also decided to use merino silk blend which added even more luxury to our clothing line. Using the finest wool fabric in the world and keeping with the characteristics of minimalistic Nordic design we are crafting modern classics that will satisfy even the highest expectations."

What are your plans for second part of the year?

Riin: “We will keep on continuously improving every aspect of our brand. We always welcome feedback on how we could improve. This has already led to many new ideas and some of them have already been implemented. But talking more specifically, then we are working on several new products ideas. There are new cuts in the works, also something additional to shirts at one point. We will also have some new colours coming up.“

Mihkel: “We just launched a unique collaboration program and have an ongoing campaign for our international clients, where the first client of every new country we ship our products to, will get 25% discount on their next order. As we are currently selling through our online store and have our products available in one of the largest web shops of Estonian design, then the next logical step is to open our Facebook page. We already have our Instagram page so if anyone wants to follow us then you can find us at @feelwear_official. We have lot of great ideas so we now just need to keep the focus and continue doing excellent job.”