How to wash and take care for your merino wool clothes?

How to wash and take care for your merino wool clothes

Taking care of your beloved merino wool apparel is easy if you follow these simple instructions. 

Rest your merino garments for 24 hours before wearing again. The natural resilience of wool allows it to shed wrinkles and return to its natural shape.

We recommend airing your wool garments after each wear - this allows any moisture to evaporate, prevent odours and eliminate the need for excess washing or cleaning

Washing your merino clothes

Most merino wool garments are machine washable. Before you put your merino wool clothes in the washing machine, check the care label to see the manufacturer’s recommended method of cleaning. All products by Feelwear, including merino silk blend shirts, are machine washable.

Turn the merino wool clothes inside out before washing. This will prolong the ‘as new’ look and feel. Use a mesh bag if you have one to prevent the garment from snagging on anything.

Place the garment in the washing machine by itself or alongside other delicates. It’s best to use a cycle for “wool” or “delicates” for (merino) wool garments. Initial water temperature should not exceed 40C or 105F. Use a gentle detergent, preferably one designed especially for wool items.

To avoid colour bleeding, separate dark and pale colours before laundering, some colours may run in their first few washes. 

Do not bleach your merino T-shirts

Since merino wool is a natural fiber, do not use bleach as it will damage the fibers. Merino wool and merino silk blend garments are not colourfast or structurally able to withstand any bleach.

Hang damp garment from line or bar, indoors or outdoors. Check the label to see if it can be tumble dried. For Feelwear garments a machine dryer may be regularly used only at No Heat or Air Only setting.

Ironing your merino wool clothes

Check the garment tag to see if it can be ironed. If so iron the garment on the “wool” setting. Many wool garments do not require ironing (e.g 200 gsm merino) but very smooth fabrics may look better if pressed (e.g 160gsm merino, merino silk blend). All garments by Feelwear can be only ironed on a dry or a low (110C, 230F) steam setting. We recommend always using steam when pressing wool.