Rollneck is a key piece for a modern capsule wardrobe

Feelwear rollneck polo made from merino wool was featured as one of the modern classics in the Life in a Cold Climate blog. Life in a Cold Climate is a lifestyle blog with a Nordic taste for women (and men) who have an interest in fashion and beauty (read more here). It is run by Annikky and is a chronicle of her attempts at life (and style, occasionally) in a cold climate.

The post outlined 12 essential pieces of clothing and accessories that should be owned by every woman who has a thing for slow fashion. As Annikky explained: “with the rise of the capsule wardrobe and concerns about sustainability, many people are wondering how to look current without overhauling their entire wardrobes every three or six months“ and said that “Rollneck is still a key piece for a modern wardrobe, as useful as a layering piece as it is on its own”. We couldn’t agree more. She later also commented that „I tend to be suspicious of everything that isn’t cashmere (I get itchy just looking at wool), but this merino is lovely - very soft but still has some structure.“ Which is also true about the merino we use.

Thank you Life in a Cold Climate blog for this excellent review!

Annikky also had a lovely photoshoot arranged to present those modern classics and was kind enough to share some of the pictures with us.

Modern Classic 2

Modern Classic 3

Modern Classic 3

Rollneck by Feelwear, pictures Laura Nestor, MUAH Grete Madisson and model Annikky.