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Follow Feelwear on Instagram

We are happy to announce that you can now find us on Instagram. You are welcome to explore the Feeelwear brand through the images and stories we will be sharing with you on Instagram. Have a peek behind the scenes and get the latest posts about collections. You will find us by the username “Feelwear_official”. Have something to share yourself? If you like merino wool and our products then share your feelings with Feelwear_official. Post a picture and add #feelwear or #merinolovers Just feel it, wear it and love it! See you on Instagram!

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How to wash and take care for your merino wool clothes?

Taking care of your beloved merino wool apparel is easy if you follow these simple instructions.  Rest your merino garments for 24 hours before wearing again. The natural resilience of wool allows it to shed wrinkles and return to its natural shape. We recommend airing your wool garments after each wear - this allows any moisture to evaporate, prevent odours and eliminate the need for excess washing or cleaning Washing your merino clothes Most merino wool garments are machine washable. Before you put your merino wool clothes in the washing machine, check the care label to see the manufacturer’s recommended method of cleaning. All products by Feelwear, including merino silk blend shirts, are machine washable. Turn the merino wool clothes...

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Our products are now available in the environment

We are very happy to announce that our products are now also available in the environment under the Estonian design section. is largest auction portal in Estonia with more than 800 000 visits per each working day. Some could say that they are the local Ebay or Amazon. Use site if you wish to pay for your products using Estonian bank-links (the following banks are supported: Nordea, Swedbank, SEB, Danske Bank, LHV). Find our products here: 

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