Our philosophy

We are dedicated to slow fashion.
We think that sustainable consumption is the right way forward and want to slow things down. We provide an alternative option within a fast fashion society where fine craft and high-quality fabrics are often undervalued. Therefore, we are crafting timeless, versatile pieces that are designed to last. This principle is also known as a capsule wardrobe.
Our product uniqueness comes from merino wool.
Our fabrics are made of Australia and New Zealand’s most famous fibre - merino wool. Until now, merino wool has often been underused or used wrongly only as underwear or layering for outdoor activities. However, when considering its natural features (see also benefits of merino wool) it is also a versatile basic for modern casual outfits no matter what time of the year.
We pick only the finest merino wool for you.
All our clothes are crafted using the finest merino wool in the world combined with the latest in fabric and garment technology. All our fabrics are tested to all global standards using either Charles Parsons’ fully accredited laboratory or Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s specialist testing laboratory.
Slow fashion looks the part.
We believe that combining superior quality fabric with clean, minimalistic design can be used to create premium clothing to suit your everyday smart casual wardrobe. Not only will you look sharp and chic but also feel great.
Our shirts are ethically produced.
Being transparent on our journey is also important to us. We have chosen our partners carefully, use only eco-minded suppliers and pay fair price to all our partners. Our merino wool is sourced from either certified non-mulesing farms or farms that have ceased mulesing. Our New Zealand merino is sourced from a New Zealand based company who are Bluesign® Systems Partners and provide a MAPP guarantee (read more here). The MAPP guarantee ensures environmental, economic sustainability & animal welfare. 
We are big supporters of the local industry.
As a fully Estonian-owned and operated company, we are big supporters of the local industry. We also believe that there are already far too many mass-manufactured clothes, so we are offering a tailored solution. All our products are sewn in a small sewing studio located in Tartu keeping in mind the characteristics of a minimalistic Nordic design.
We value your feedback.
We build our brand as technology companies build their products. By continuously improving every aspect of our brand we bring you only the best experiences. To achieve this, we always welcome your feedback on how we could improve.
More than just a label.
Finally, taking it all together, Feelwear is not just a brand but a lifestyle to follow. You’ll quickly find that the benefits of Feelwear extend far beyond our clothes and into your everyday life.