Why merino wool?

Until now, Merino wool has often been underused or used wrongly only as underwear or layering for outdoor activities. However, due to its unique structure, Merino wool has many different natural beneficial qualities that make it an innovative and versatile fibre which can be used for modern casual outfits no matter the time of the year.

Merino wool is one of the finest, naturally elastic and softest wools available in the world. Thus, providing a feeling of both luxury and comfort. 100% natural and sustainable merino wool stays clean and fresh no matter what you put it through while keeping you warm when it’s cold and vice versa. This is exactly why merino is becoming the go-to wool of the world’s most influential fashion designers and clothing brands.

We took all the incredible benefits of Merino wool and combined these qualities with Nordic design so you would get an irreplaceable addition to your daily wardrobe. Not only will it keep you looking great but also feeling great.

No Iron Icon Self-Cleansing Thermoregulatory Icon Kind To Your Skin Icon
No ironing - 
Merino wool is easy to care for, machine washable and doesn’t need ironing. You can spend your precious time on more important matters.
Self-cleansing - your shirt will stay fresh even in the most stressful situations, making it wearable days in a row.
Thermoregulatory -
Merino wool is simultaneously breathable and insulating. Meaning it will help you to regulate your body temperature during the day.
Kind to your skin -
Merino is durable and provides high levels of UV protection. Being almost as soft as cashmere you will feel great from the moment you put it on.

Our materials:

Ultralight merino

  • Fabric: 100% merino 
  • Fabric weight: 160 gsm
  • Micron: 18.5
  • Merino jersey with a silky luxurious feel.

Merino silk blend

  • Fabric: 85% merino 15% silk
  • Fabric weight: 180 gsm
  • Micron: 19.5
  • Two of the nature's most recognised luxury fibres combined to present a single jersey that has the smoothness and lustre of silk with the comfort and lovely natural attributes of superfine merino wool. 

Lightweight merino

  • Fabric: 100% merino
  • Fabric weight: 195-200 gsm
  • Micron: 19.3
  • Lightweight merino is a supersoft and ultrafine jersey suited to a wide variety of activities. It’s the warmest merino in our range. 

All Feelwear products made from 160-200 gsm Merino wool will be well suited to worn next to the skin as all year round basics. 

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